The Tips

€10 per piece
(2 piece combo pack)

Our hand-crafted Murano glass tips have been designed around three basic principles: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Highlights include a smooth experience and a perfect feel. A must-have for every connoisseur.

• 2 filter tips
• Comes in 4 different colors
• Handmade in Italy
• Feel great in your hand
• Fast shipping

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This is what you get


Durable carry case and stainless steal cleaner


No it's not made in China. We are all about fair production


Murano Glass is made with sustainability at the core and reusable for as long as you care for it


All our products are Vetro Artistico certified

“These artistic Murano Tips are a brilliant, yet tiny invention using one of my favorite materials, Venetian glass!”

Customers have good things to say.


“My friends told me about it so I came to this website to find out more. Saw the cool pics and just had to order. Truly recommend the Tips, for everyone.”

Lisa S, Stockholm


“I have tried many solutions for microdosing but most do not work like I want. The One delivers just as promised. I really like it. Also feels nice in the hand. Very easy to clean!”

Pablo G, Madrid


“Microdosing has never been easier with The One. I love it and my girlfriend does too.”

Jonas M, Hamburg


“The Max looks really good and you can tell that it is made with very good quality.”

Bella V, Rome

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